Permanent Placement Division:

We at Affinity have a very thorough permanent placement process. We work with the best people in the market place. People who are specialists within their field.

We make sure that our candidates match our clients need by 90%. We have a pre-screening process with a shortlist of 4 people according to the client’s needs.

Contract Placement Division:

An employee who works under contract for an employer. A contract employee is hired for a specific job at a specific rate of pay. A contract employee does not become a regular addition to the staff and is not considered a permanent employee.

The applicant is employed on a contract basis and falls under the client’s HR. A monthly fee is payable to Affinity Personnel.

Temporary Placement Division:

The payroll function for all temporary based staff appointments is administered internally, thus providing a complete staffing solution which reduces your administration burden with regard to temporary based staff.

Project Recruitment:

Affinity recruit bulk positions of 15 and more candidates for various different projects. Project teams are built with specific skill level requirements to deliver on certain deadlines.

Checks & Verifications

We will provide checks and verification as per the client’s need. These are within the following areas:

  • Individual Financial Record
  • Criminal/Fraud
  • Employment History
  • Identity
  • Qualifications
  • Vehicle License
  • Financial Institutions
  • Polygraphs
  • Business